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'She looked so still. So peaceful, like she was sleeping.'

'Maybe because she knew you were holding her.'

Jason telling Sam about her daughter’a death. (via cicinicole-14)


SAM: I just figured it out. 
JASON: What.
SAM: Why I sleep so much better at your apartment. Because you make me feel safe.  

Still My Favorite #baby Moment #JASAM

"It’s hiccups." 

#Jasam, Baby!!!

"Who do you think you are, Mighty Mouse?"

#jasam #rain dance


Jasam 30 Day Challenge→ DAY3: Favorite Kiss

       → 03-31-05

AU #jasam  Moments 
jason & sam 30 day challenge
 day 25: Jasam in an AU (Alternate Reality)
↳ Whenever I picture the family that we were supposed to have, I — I see a picture of — the four of us. You, me — a little girl and a little boy.


Fav Jason/Sam scenes per ep.

"Did you sleep at all last night? Cause everytime I woke up you were awake." - Sam.