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Hell On Wheels

Michael takes the term a moving target to a whole other level! LOL

I’m still waiting for my JaSam baby like a legitimate we’re happy the whole 9 months and all baby

ME TOO!!!!


Robin Hood Appreciation Week ➶ Day Four

Favorite Quote: "Use mine for the both of us"

"Do I see a scowl on your face? Yes, I do. When you look like that, you look just like your father." 

'She looked so still. So peaceful, like she was sleeping.'

'Maybe because she knew you were holding her.'

Jason telling Sam about her daughter’a death. (via cicinicole-14)


SAM: I just figured it out. 
JASON: What.
SAM: Why I sleep so much better at your apartment. Because you make me feel safe.  

Still My Favorite #baby Moment #JASAM

"It’s hiccups." 

#Jasam, Baby!!!

"Who do you think you are, Mighty Mouse?"

#jasam #rain dance


Jasam 30 Day Challenge→ DAY3: Favorite Kiss

       → 03-31-05